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April 14, 2022 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

KRK Systems Australia has announced a new promotion coupling a Cash back promotion with five different KRK studio monitors. As of April 1st, every purchase of a KRK G4 ROKIT 5 ROKIT 7, ROKIT 8, ROKIT 10 or S12.4 Studio Subwoofer will be eligible for the following cashbacks via redemption:

Eligible SKUs for Cashback ($AUD)

KRK-RP5G4 $30

KRK-RP7G4 $40

KRK-RP8G4 $50

KRK-RP103G4 $70

KRK-S12.4 $100

This Cash back redemption requires customers to follow the details and fill out the digital redemption form at www.jands.com.au/promotions

The KRK Rokit are not just any series, the KRK Rokit line has been the #1 selling monitor on the planet since the line was created. Re-engineered and redesigned for its 4th generation release theROKIT G4 exceeds KRK’s legacy of high performance. The Rokit 7 offers a generous 42Hz to 40KHz frequency response, and a power output of 145 Watt. The Rokit 8 and 10 can respond to lower frequencies all the way down to 36Hz and 26Hz, with power outputs of 203 Watts and 300 Watts respectively. The S12.4 Subwoofer completes the offering with its clear and accurate bass extension providing monitoring for frequencies as low as 23Hz with max sound pressure levels of 119.9 dB.To take advantage of this offer visit any authorised KRK Australian dealers (excluding amazon), and upon purchase of your Sku register your information www.jands.com.au/promotions.

Promotion ends 11:59pm, 31st May 2022

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