Dangerous Music

Dangerous Music is a company that produces elite audio equipment, and is primarily known for their monitoring solutions and summing mixers. The Dangerous Music mantra is to build products that meet their standard of integrity and quality - not a price-point for marketing and production.

Company president Bob Muller originally started a recording studio in New York city calledDangerous Musicin 1992.Later teaming up with co-founder and equipment designer Chris Muth, in 2001 they released the first Dangerous Music product the Dangerous 2-Bus analog summing amplifier, after several one-off custom models.

The current model is the Dangerous 2-Bus LT, and now Dangerous Music currently have over twenty products in production.

One of their most popular products, and one that defines their vision of designing products specifically to create solutions for a hybrid digital & analog alliance is the D-BOX.

The D-Box is a monitor controller/selector, headphone amplifier, talkback, and 8-channel summing mixer designed specifically for composers, sound designers and producers working in-the-box.

“ ... We just wanted to make the analog-digital hybrid studio work well, where you can use the best-of-both-worlds for recording, mixing and mastering. Take the things about analog that analog does best, and the things that digital does best, and make them work together in a way that does not interfere with the creative process”.Bob Muller - Dangerous Music company president.

Sounds Easy has access to the full product range from Dangerous Music via current Australian wholesaler Audio Chocolate. Please contact us for more information.