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Pittsburgh Modular


Pittsburgh Modular Foundation 3.1+ Modular Synthesizer

In addition to individual Eurorack modules, Pittsburgh Modular offer a range of pre built off the shelf modular synths so you can just jump straight in and get patching. The Pittsburgh modular Foundation 3.1 plus is an expandable version of the standard Foundation 3.1 but in a larger case so you can add more eurorack modules when you feel like it. All our Pittsburgh Modular synths and Eurorack modules prices include free shipping and come with an Australian warranty. 

    • Pittsburgh Foundation 3.1+ Features:

      The Foundation 3.1+ Synthesizer is an expandable version of the Foundation 3.1. Housed in our larger Move[208] desktop case, the Foundation 3.1+ has room to grow. The additional space allows a nearly infinite number of expansion options. The included black plastic blank panel can be easily trimmed as new modules are added to keep the case looking clean.

      The Foundation 3.1+ Synthesizer is the expandable version of a classic. A standalone, fully modular synthesizer styled after the great monosynths of the past, the Foundation 3.1+ has no hardwired signal path or fixed voice architecture to restrict creativity. An all analog signal path driving massive oscillators and multiple filters pushes the Foundation 3.1+ Synthesizer to new worlds of musical creativity. An unpatched Foundation 3.1+ offers a clean slate for sonic exploration and sound design, and the open format of a modular synthesizer allows for greater control and a deeper understanding of synthesis.

      The Foundation 3.1+ Synthesizer is designed to function as a standalone instrument. However, the Foundation 3.1+ is a 100% eurorack compatible modular synthesizer. The system is made up of 13 individual eurorack format synthesizer modules which can be removed, reorganized, and replaced with Pittsburgh Modular or other eurorack compatible modules. The Foundation 3.1+ Synthesizer uses the Pittsburgh Modular Move[208] Black Case and Power Rail to house and power the modules.
    • Pittsburgh Foundation 3.1+ Specifications:

      Heavy Duty Pittsburgh Modular Move[208] Black Case
      208hp Eurorack Road Case
      Sliding Square Nut Mounting Nut System
      Removable Lid
      Dimensions with Lid: 23.5” x 12” x 7”

      The included Pittsburgh Modular DC power supply provides +12V @ 1400mA, -12v @ 1400mA, +5V @ 750mA of power. A single power rail delivers a full compliment of power and the eurorack bus system for up to 26 modules using standard 16 pin keyed power headers. The power board uses an external 15V 4A DC power adapter.
      18 - 3.5mm Patch Cables
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