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Pittsburgh Modular


Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms System 301 Expandable Eurorack Synthesizer

Number 3 in the Pittsburgh modular lifeforms series is the Lifeforms System 301. The 301 is an expandable Eurorack system that includes the Lifeforms SV-1 dual oscillator analog synthesiser, the KB-1 touch sensitive keyboard and a 208HP timber Eurorack case of which half is free to expand at your leisure. 


    • Pittsburgh Lifeforms System 301 Features:

      Interactive inspiration machine. Touch to begin. A complete modular performance synthesizer, the Lifeforms System 301 packs the Lifeforms SV-1 analog synthesizer voice and a Lifeforms KB-1 pressure sensitive keyboard controller into the Structure EP-208 professional eurorack enclosure, pairing huge sonic potential with maximum control and room to grow. Anchored by the classic Pittsburgh Modular filter and two full range analog oscillators packed with harmonically rich waveforms, the Lifeforms System 301 offers a rich sound palette with the flexibility of an open, fully patchable analog voice architecture. The pressure sensitive keyboard maximizes the creative process with arpeggios, sequences, triggers, voltage memory and more.

      Expandable Analog Power:
      Overflowing with sonic potential, the Lifeforms System 301 houses a refined analog synth engine ready to explore new aural territories. The feature set includes everything you need to create unique synth sounds. Roaring bass, shimmering leads, lush pads and warm drones are only a few knob turns away.

      Two larger-than-life, next-generation analog oscillators start you off on your audio journey with all the classic waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and square. As a bonus, on Oscillator 1 we have included our exclusive blade wave, allowing for cutting-edge sounds new to the analog realm. Combined with two sub octave generators, the oscillator cores of the Lifeforms SV-1 are the perfect base for sonic sculpting. Modulation is handled with a well curated set of tools: a dedicated analog LFO, noise, sample and hold, and a clock syncable digital LFO. Oscillator 2 can also be used as a voltage controllable low frequency oscillator to create complex west coast synthesis style FM timbres.

      The true sonic character of the System 301 comes from the filter. Rich and thick, the sound of the revered Pittsburgh Modular Filter is unmistakable. Absolutely stunning harmonic character with voltage control over the entire frequency range. A provided attenuverter lets you dial in exactly how much CV to feed the frequency input, even inverting the input for dramatic changes in frequency response. Separate highpass, lowpass, and bandpass patch points are provided for an even larger tonal palette.

      A robust feature set with a fluid, sleek interface empowers you to create vibrant and thick tones. The included pressure sensitive keyboard controller allows you to control it. The Lifeforms KB-1 provides a multi-function, expressive, capacitive touch keyboard designed for performance. The KB-1 contains a powerful one octave pressure sensitive keyboard complete with arpeggiator, step Sequencer, preset voltage memory array, and a pair of multi-mode trigger pads. Eleven patchable outputs and a deep feature set enable you to cover new sonic territory with an unprecedented level of control.
    • Pittsburgh Lifeforms System 301 Specifications:

      Lifeforms SV-1 Synthesizer Voice Module
      Lifeforms KB-1 Keyboard Controller Module
      Lifeforms HP-6 logo Panel
      Structure EP-208 Eurorack Enclosure with Removable Lid
      Custom MIDI Adapter Cable
      12 Nazca Audio Braided Eurorack Patch Cables
      112hp of Available Space to Expand
      Standard IEC Power Cable
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