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Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms KB-1 - Pressure Sensitive Keyboard Controller

Shape your music like never before with the new Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms KB-1; a unique and intuitive set of tools designed for controlling your eurorack modular system. The Lifeforms KB-1 provides a multi-function, expressive, capacitive touch keyboard designed for performance.

    • Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms KB-1 Features:

      The KB-1 contains a powerful one octave adjustable, pressure sensitive keyboard complete with arpeggiator, step sequencer, four voltage memory pads and two trigger pads. Eleven outputs and a deep feature set enable you to explore new sonic territory with an unprecedented level of control.

      Monophonic and Duophonic response modes with user-selectable note priority and retrigger options let you customize the KB-1 specifically to your needs. Octave buttons provide quick selection of one of seven available octaves for a wide sonic range. Monophonic mode allows you to perform soaring leads, buttery basslines with legato, or classic arpeggios. Or, take control of two separate oscillators in Duophonic mode to create rich soundscapes, complex drones and arps, lush pads, and thundering bass.

      Easily program melodic sequences with maximum flexibility. Along with immersive keyboard features, there is also a powerful ten note arpeggiator and sixty-four note sequencer, each focused around playability, empowering you to craft inspiring melodies, or utilize the stepped voltage as control for other parameters, such as filter frequency or VCA control.
    • Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms KB-1 Specifications:

      Panel size: 42hp
      Depth: 38mm
      Power Usage: +12v 160mA, -12v 15mA.  Does not require +5v. Reversed power polarity protection.
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