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Tascam DR-22WL Handheld Digital Recorder with WIFI


The new DR-22 WL digital recorder from Tascam now comes with WIFI for remote control start and stop and transferring files to your computer. Neat!  The groundbreaking DR-22WL from TASCAM is the first portable recorder to include Wi-Fi for transport control, file transfer, and audio streaming to your smartphone or PC. Other innovations like the new Scene Dial make it easier than ever to capture great-sounding recordings and share them online. A set of stereo condenser microphones is arranged in true XY pattern for ideal stereo imaging. The eight-position Scene Dial selects recording settings for typical situations, or can be set to full manual for greater control.


      Included in the DR-22WL is a Wi-Fi function for controlling its transport and transferring files to a smartphone or computer. A free app for iOS and Android controls the transport and transfers files for instant upload. For a recording beginner or experienced user looking for a great-sounding, portable recorder with Wi-Fi, the DR-22WL is the only choice.
      A pair of studio-quality condenser microphones top the DR-22WL, arranged in a true XY pattern for detailed imaging and phase coherence. The mic capsules are build to withstand up to 120dB SPL without distorting. Record concerts and rehearsals with the confidence that your recording won't be ruined with clipping. 
      A programmable gain amplifier (PGA) is used to adjust the level of the audio inputs. In many devices, the audio codec level is adjusted to control levels. In the DR-22WL, the mic gain circuit is independent from the A/D converter for low noise performance as well as programmable gain (manual, automatic, or controlled over Wi-Fi.) 

      A CIRRUS LOGIC CS42L52 is used in the DR-22WL, a premium-quality audio codec. The A/D - D/A chip features both great audio performance and low power use for longer battery life. The built-in mics and the external inputs both pass through this low-noise audio input circuit.

      Recorder Section

      • Supported WAV recording formats: 44.1k/48k/96kHz, 16/24bit, WAV/BWF 
      • Supported MP3 recording format: 44.1k/48kkHZ, 32k to 320kbps, MP3
      • Recording media: microSD/SDHC/SDXC card (up to 128GB SDXC card)

      Recording Hardware

      • Cardioid stereo condenser microphones fixed in X-Y position
      • High sound pressure design captures levels up to 120dB SPL
      • PGA (programmable gain amplifier) and Cirrus Logic CS42L52 audio codec for low-noise, high-performance audio recording

      Key Features

      • Scene Dial Presets for instant setup of common recording applications
      • Remote control, file transfer and streaming playback using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
      • Wi-Fi connects directly to smartphone without a router
      • Full remote control using the free TASCAM app for iOS and Android 
      • Recorded audio can be posted directly to SoundCloud using the TASCAM DR Control app.

      Recording Function

      • Dual format recording function allows simultaneous recording of both WAV and MP3 files
      • Automatic level optimization functions (Peak Reduction & Limiter)
      • Low-cut filter with four selectable frequencies (40/80/120/220Hz)
      • Pre-recording buffer records up to 2 seconds prior to starting recording
      • Automatic track increment function that can be set according to the application (level, elapsed time or manual)
      • Auto recording function that can detect the sound input signal level and automatically start recording
      • Automatic mark function that adds marks according to set conditions (peak detection or manual)

      Playback Function

      • Speed change (VSA) function for adjusting the speed from 0.5 to 2.0 times (in 0.1 increments)
      • A-B Loop playback function that is convention for practicing music

      Editing Function

      • Automatic division function that divides files at marks (manual division also possible)

      Other Function

      • Reverb effect for vocal and instrument resonance
      • Automatic power saving function that prevents unnecessary waste of battery power
      • Resume function that retains the last stop position when power is turned back ON
      • File name format can be set to use a user-defined word or the date
      • Audio files created on computers can be played (Only in formats compatible with this product)

      Other Hardware

      • Built-in monaural speaker with an output of 0.3W
      • 128×128 pixel oversized graphic LCD with backlight
      • USB 2.0 High-speed file transfer to a computer
      • Stereo mini headphone line output / Headphone output connector
      • Powered by four AA batteries, USB bus power, or AC adapter
      • Long-time operation of over ** hours is possible using just the internal batteries
      • Strap -hole
      • Tripod attachment screw-hole
      • 4GB microSD card is included
      • RoHS certified
Need more info on the Tascam DR-22WL? Click HERE for the manufacturer's website >>>