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Computer Storage

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Hard drives used in audio production need to be reliable, fast and provide a constant stream of data when reading and writing. SSDs (solid state drives), have no spinning parts, and offer significant improvements in speed when compared with HDDs (hard disk drives). You need a fast hard drive for audio recording and playback, and faster still for streaming audio from your sample libraries and software instrument assets. Sounds Easy recommends at least a 7200 rpm drives or even better, an SSD for maximum efficiency. Having a dedicated system drive, that hosts all your applications, and separate drives for both your project files and sample library content is highly recommended for optimum operation of your computer music set-up. Be sure to keep back ups of all of your data on separate devices!! Dedicated backup drives don't necessarily need to be as fast and efficient as your working drives. The general rule for digital archiving is, if doesn't exist in three places it doesn't exist at all. Contact us for information regarding storage solutions.