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Credit Card Verification

Thanks for ordering from the Sounds Easy online store! As you are a new customer, we just need to confirm some details before we are able to dispatch your order.

Due to the unfortunate increase in identity theft and fraudulent credit card transactions, we now use a payment verification system similar to Paypal and many other major online retailers.

** Please note, if you are unable to complete the process outlined below (or if you simply cannot wait for your order), we can also process your order instantly via Paypal (if you have a Paypal account). Contact us if you would like to pay via Paypal, and avoid this verification process. **

Please read the instructions below:

We have processed a transaction for a small amount to your credit card which will appear (usually instantly) in your online banking summary as a “pre authorisation” (please allow at least 24 hours if not yet visible).

Please note, this amount will not be captured from your card, and will disappear as a transaction from your account in around 7 days time - it is only used as a form of verification.

  1. Log into your online banking and verify the exact amount of the transaction (please allow at least 24 hours if not visible).
  2. Contact us by return email, or phone us on 1300 13 0202 and let us know what the amount is.

This process is sufficient for us to verify that you are in fact the owner of the credit card used on our online store. Once verified, we will then dispatch your goods, and this procedure will not be required for any future orders from our store with the same credit card.