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Digital Converters

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Digital converters are the number crunching boxes that ultimately determine the clarity of your sound. They convert mic or line level signals (generated from acoustic wave forms) into a binary language of zeros and ones that a computer-audio or digital-audio system can process. Weather it's microphones coming in - an analogue to digital conversion (A/D), or speakers on the way out - digital to analogue conversion (D/A), convertors are widely regarded as the most critical component in your signal chain in a computer-music or digital-audio recording environment. Having dedicated high quality A/D and D/A convertors, will significantly improve the standard of your recordings when capturing audio; offering improved clarity and higher head-room. Your monitoring environment will also benefit from a more transparent signal path to your studio monitors and/or headphones. Contact us to find out about more about the digital convertors we carry from leading brands such as RME, Benchmark, Apogee, SSL and many more.