Experienced Consultants at Sounds Easy

From humble beginnings and in operation since 2005, Sounds Easy has grown to become one of Australia’s most trusted premier music technology retailers. Our client portfolio now contains a prestigious list of some of Australia's leading international film/TV composers, musicians, artists, DJs and professional recording studios. Needless to say, our clients demand a high level of customer service and after-sale support!

Feel confident that you will be receiving expert advice that you can rely on! Each member of the Sounds Easy team have spent many years working within different aspects of the audio industry. As a collective of gigging musicians, music producers, recording studio mangers and film/television composers, the staff at Sounds Easy have an extensive and unique library of knowledge that can be called upon when dealing with the most technical of questions and requirements. Whether you’re a student looking for some general advice on which version of Pro Tools to buy, or a well-known artist wanting to build a new music studio, we have the right answers to your questions!