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ADK Microphones TC-251 Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone

The TC-251 by ADK, is a cost-effective modern day emulation of the classic ELA-251. The TC-251, however has a fixed-cardioid polar pattern. A large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone, the TC-251 is an outstanding option for female vocals and nylon strings. It has a sweet sounding high and low frequency response, and offers lower self noise and high SPL handling in comparison to the original 251.


      ADK Custom Shop TC 251:
      This Custom Capsule is has an air-band boost that is perfect on breathy female vocalists, full bodied sources, nylon guitars and more. Sweet Sound, top and bottom. Just the right “smile”.

      ADK TC Tube Microphone (Custom Shop) Features:
      Class A Valve Microphone
      Hand-Assembled in USA
      12AX7 Euro Valve QC Tested in USA
      2 Oxygen Free XLR Cables both 3 and 7 pin

      ADK TC Tube Microphone (Custom Shop) Includes:
      Microphone with Custom Capsule
      Premium Aluminum Flight Case
      Jewel Box with Plush Lining
      1 x Shock Mount
      1 x Ring Mount
      1 x Foam Windscreen
      1 x Pop Filter
      1 x TC-200 Power Supply
      1 x 5 Meter (approx. 15’) Oxygen Free 7 Pin XLR
      1 x ′ 5 Meter (approx. 15’) Oxygen Free 3 Pin XLR
      Spare 12AX7 Euro Valve QC Tested in USA
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