ATS-1 Tape Sim

AnaMod ATS-1 Analog Tape Simulator

The AnaMod ATS-1 Analog Tape Simulator is a high end rack-mountable hardware tape simulator, courtesy of the AnaMod trademark modelling process. The main advantage of this outboard device is it eliminates latency and offers extremely good D/A conversion and internal circuitry. The AnaMod ATS-1 Analog Tape Simulator gives you speed selection, bias LF record and HF Repo EQ. Shipped tape models included are the GP-9 and 456.


      The ATS-Analog Tape Simulator is the first product that uses the AnaMod process for modeling complex analog circuitry entirely in the analog domain. Specially developed analog building blocks are 'coded' to emulate the behavior of a complex analog system. Unlike digital plug-ins or processor-based outboard gear, there is no latency, and no A/D or D/A conversions to compromise the sound. The result is a faithful recreation of the original response, without using the original analog hardware.

      All of the important features of a two-track analog tape machine are found in the ATS-1, including speed selection, bias, LF record and HF Repro EQ, and the option of adding tape hiss, if desired. The reference 'record' level, as indicated on the illuminated VU meters, can be adjusted from 0 to +12 dBu in 3 dB increments.

      The ATS-1 accurately models the behavior of specific tape machines and tape formulations, and allows the user to select from up to four machine and tape types. Optional machine and tape types are available on easy-to-install SIMM cards. Standard tape formulation cards shipped with the ATS-1 are the GP9 and 456. Standard machine cards are the A800 and M79.

      Two channels of analog tape simulation
      Up to four tape machine models
      Up to four tape formulation models
      7.5, 15 and 30 ips speed selection
      Bias, LF and HF EQ, and Hiss
      User-installable upgrade cards
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