AnaMod Realios A9052 Equalizer for 500 Series

The AnaMod Realios A9052 Equalizer is a discrete transistor EQ design for the 500 series format. The A9052 has been inspired by records made at Olympic Studios’ in the 1960’s and 70’s. The A9052 features a high and low shelf, 2 x mid/low frequency bands, and a dual position high pass filter. Of key design for the 500 format - the AnaMod Realios A9052 Equalizer features a step-up output transformer, that gives you an additional 6dB of headroom.

Requires a 500 series rack unit to operate

    • AnaMod Realios A9052 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      All discrete transistor design
      Input and output transformers
      Wide dnamic range
      Extremely musical frequency points
      Single-space 500 series rack format
      Peak / trough midrange band
      Peak low frequency band
      Separate variable high and low shelves
      Phase reverse switch
      Dual frequency high-pass filter
      Hard bypass

      Input Impedance: 20KΩ, balanced
      Output Impedance: less than 50Ω
      Max. Output Level: +32dBu, transformer balanced
      Gains: Peak 15 dB, Trough -15 dB
      Frequency Response: +/- 1 dB from 0.15Hz to 25kHz
      Noise Level: better than 74dB below +4dBu, 0-30kHz
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