Rack Ears (spec 6 or 8)

API Rack Ears for the Lunchbox

The API Rack Ears for the Lunchbox are designed specifically for the HC API 8 Slot High Current lunchbox, and the HC API 6-slot lunchbox.


      Rack your lunchbox with API's American-made rack ears. Lunchbox Rack Ears are available for both the current production model lunchboxes (product number: 920-0859), as well as the previous model (product number: 920-0737). Made from aluminum and finished with a durable black coat, they're designed specifically to fit into your rack for a square, clean aesthetic.

      Note: Current models, which were produced after 2010, feature both XLR and DB25 connections and "HC" in the serial number on the back panel and measure 13.9" X 5.25" X 7.25”. Previous model lunchboxes will not list “HC” in the serial number and measure 12.4" X 5.25" X 7.25”.
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