Apogee Symphony I/O - 8 Channel Mic Preamp Module

Add this 'AIM Option 3 - A8MP' to your Symphony chassis to get an extra 8 channels of Preamps (8 Mic preamps with 4 instrument inputs and 8 insert points). The I/O Modules are the sound and soul of Symphony I/O, and represent 25 years of Apogee R&D and design excellence. These powerful Modules deliver Apogee's core competency, superior sounding digital audio recording. With 5 available I/O Modules, you can choose from standard configurations or customize the following: channel count, analog to digital input, digital to analog output, mic preamps and digital I/O. You compose your Symphony I/O.

    • Apogee Symphony I/O 8 Channel Mic Preamp Module PRODUCT FEATURES:


      • The culmination of 25 years of Apogee's digital recording technology
      • The most advanced AD/DA conversion available
      • 5 I/O Modules to choose from
    • Apogee Symphony I/O Mic 8 Channel Preamp Module TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      • 8 digitally controlled, 85dB microphone preamps
      • Upgrades functionality of Analog I/O Module by adding mic preamps to the existing line inputs
      • Creates a direct connection between the Mic Preamp Module and the Analog I/O Module by inserting a mic preamp stage before the line inputs

      • 4 Hi-Z 1/4” instrument inputs capable of handling high level instruments

      • 8 fully balanced insert points
      • Send 1-8 and Return 1-8 on 2 DSUB 25-pin connectors
    • Apogee Symphony I/O 8 Channel Mic Preamp Module SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:

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