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ART (Applied Research & Technology)


ART PB4x4 Power Distribution System

Please contact me with information about availability and pricing for ART PB4x4 Power Distribution System

The ART PB4x4 is a cost effective power conditioner that takes up 1-rack-unit of space in your studio. Of key importance, the PB4x4 will protect delicate electrical equipment via a high-voltage transient suppressor, and RFI/EMI interference filtering. Things like fluorescent lights, dimmers and transmitters are prevented from entering the AC line.

    • ART PB4x4 Features:

      PB 4x4 features ART's "4x4" distribution on the back of the unit -- four of the eight rear outputs are 1.25 inches apart. This allows the user to plug in wide power cables and multiple wall wart devices, and still have eight total power outlets to choose from.

      Built into the PB 4x4 is a Surge and Spike Protection System, designed to protect powered equipment from harmful electric surges and spikes. The unit also has RFI and EMI filtering.

      The PB 4x4 also features a front-located on/off power switch (which lights up when turned on), and a front-mounted circuit breaker reset switch. The unit has a total power capacity of 1800 watts, and has a front-mounted, 15 amp circuit breaker.

      The rugged, all-steel chassis occupies 1U rack spaces and is intended for installation into standard 19" equipment racks. Applications for the PB 4x4 include Live Sound Systems/PA, Permanent or Fixed Installations, Church, Club and Practice PA Systems, DJ Sound Systems, Home and Project Recording Systems, and Monitor Systems.

      The PB 4x4 features a one-year warranty.

    • ART PB4x4 Specifications:

      Circuit Breaker: 15 Amp; Front Location
      Construction: All-Steel Chassis
      Filtering: EMI & RFI
      Power Capacity: 1800 Watts
      Power Outlets: Eight Rear Outlets
      Power Switch: Front Location - On/Off
      Power Switch Illumination: Yes - In "On" Position
      Protection Circuit: Surge & Spike Protection
      Dimensions: 1U Rack Mountable
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