Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine

The Arturia DrumBrute is a fully analog drum machine available at an extraordinarily generous price! DrumBrute is the product of inspiration from past generations of drum machines, combined with sound and workflow of Arturia’s Brute series. Arturia DrumBrute includes an impressive step-sequencer, global analog High Pass and Low pass filter and a total of 17 true-analog sounds. This included 2 fully analog kick drum sounds that are reminiscent of the Roland TR909 and TR808 kick drum sounds. The analog Snare drum is snappy with plenty of tune-ability. The clap is massive sounding. The Hi Hats lean on the metallic side but what do you expect being analog. They will certainly appeal to a particular style of music. Check out the video below for a complete rundown of every sound in their raw state. 

    • Arturia DrumBrute PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The sound of DrumBrute is based on the best of the best classic analog drum sounds. Sound profiles were created from the past but then the circuits were designed to build up DrumBrute’s own sound signature. Two styles of kick drums, wide ranging snare and clap setting, two hi hats with tone and separate decay times, reverse cymbal, zap and more.


      DrumBrute is designed to give musicians the same great hands-on experience they get from our other award winning Brute instruments. All sound parameters can be changed instantly and set with the nice intuitive interface. DrumBrute is truly easy to use! No need to read the manual!


      DrumBrute is not only about creating a beat: it’s also about tweaking it and making it evolve in real time! DrumBrute adds loads of innovative features like our Step Repeat, Pattern Looper, Mute/Solo groups, song mode, Randomness and Swing functions per track. Finger drummers will love the ability to play quantised or semi-quantised on ultra sensitive pads.


      DrumBrute is the only analog drum machine in its price category to offer as much as 12 separate audio outputs! DrumBrute is a swiss army knife for syncing your gear. It will basically sync with any set up.

      Seventeen pure analog drum sounds
      Wide-range of controls allowing for many new and unique sounds.
      64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
      Step Repeat for creating ratcheting effects
      Song mode for chaining patterns
      Pattern effects such as Swing/randomness and Pattern Looper
      Steiner Parker output filter with bypass
      Twelve individual audio outputs
      Create polyrhythms - Each drum track can be of separate length
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