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Auralex Acoustics


Auralex GeoFusor 22 - Dome Shaped Diffusor

The Auralex GeoFusor 22 is a dome shaped diffuser for wall or ceiling installation. Aesthetically, the GeoFusor will blend into your environment due to its subtle colour and shape. Acoustically, the GeoFusor is highly dispersive and will nullify standing wave-forms and slap back echo. The GeoFusor 22 is a single panel roughly 60 x 60 x 11cm. 

Please note:
This is the GeoFusor 22 NOT the GeoFusor 22 FR detailed on the Auralex website.

    • Auralex GeoFusor 22 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Adding diffusion to any critical listening environment can enhance the “openness” and sonic accuracy without removing acoustic energy. Diffusors are highly recommended for live space applications and especially where percussion, woodwind, brass, or symphonic instruments are present.

      Addresses Standing Waves & Flutter Echo without Removing Acoustic Energy
      Enhances the Accuracy of a Critical Listening Environment
      Wall and Ceiling Mountable
      Package Contents: 1 x GeoFusor panel
      Dimensions: 2 x 2 feet x 4.5 inches. Aprox. 60 x 60 x 11cm
      Shipping Weight: 0.73kg
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