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Auralex Sustain Lens 24" Bamboo Sustain Lens Diffusors (Pair)

The Auralex Sustain Lens are 24-inch bamboo acoustic diffusers, with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, ideal for home, business and recording studio applications. The bookshelf style design helps to deflect and break up acoustic room nodes.  

    • Auralex Sustain Lens 24" PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The Auralex Sustain Lens Bamboo Diffusor is an effective alternative to absorbing acoustic reflections in a room by instead dispersing and redirecting acoustical energy across the time and physical domains. The result is a change in the direction of reflected sound waves that would otherwise group and become present as audible room nodes. The most effective installation is generally above or behind the critical listening position.

      Opens up a small room to increase the “perceived space”
      Optimizes existing absorption treatment by redirecting energy
      Enhances listening or recording environment by using adjacent spaces
      Can easily drop into existing suspended ceiling grid (additional reinforcement may be required)
      Easily wall mounted with the included mechanical fasteners
      Sustainably grown and harvested bamboo construction
      Bamboo material offers a more musical experience when tested against comparable products made from hardened fiberglass or plastic

      With a wide variety of real-world applications, the Sustain Lens can be easily mounted on walls or in ceiling grids (with additional reinforcement) and the eco-conscious bamboo construction looks great in any setting. Make the most of your existing acoustic absorption by evenly redirecting sound energy so that it isn’t all reaching your absorption materials at once. Designed to make the most of your space and create a live and open acoustic atmosphere without sacrificing acoustic energy or removing frequencies.
    • Auralex Sustain Lens 24" TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Qty. Per Box: 2 - 7.62cm deep x 60.32cm x 60.32cm Sustain Lens Diffusion Panels with mechanical wall-mount fasteners.
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