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Avantone Pro Abbey 3-Way Active Monitor (PAIR)

The Avantone Pro Abbey 3-Way are an innovative 3-Way active studio reference monitor solution. They feature Avantone Pros’ custom Air Motion Transformer technology for the tweeter, and dual subwoofers that are phase locked, featuring a symmetrical design - doubling the air movement to increase the overall output volume. Their is also a mid-frequency 5.25” driver as well. The Abbey 3-Way monitors translate exceptionally well, and are capable of delivery a full-range and detailed sound for professional applications.

    • Avantone Pro Abbey 3-Way PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Active recording / mix-down and playback monitors. knew that.

      Engineering Objectives
      The AVANTONE ABBEY Studio Reference Monitors are designed to be dynamic, high SPL, high resolution, full-range active reference monitors. We included precise, no-compromise drivers in a reasonably compact format that complements modern production environments. Ideally, these can be used in all phases of production from tracking through mastering and post production playback.
      The secondary engineering goal was to create a seamless transition through all bands to provide a full range design that has real power, excellent transient response and abnormally broad spectral performance at any output level.
      You will notice a distinct lack of adjustments on the back of these units. We feel we have designed an excellent system that will not require adjustment when used in appropriate environments.

      Performance Objectives
      It is important to make mixing judgments based partially on listening to reference monitors that will not impart tonal anomalies caused by pushing components beyond their useful range in two way systems. Further, you can never have enough power. Particular attention is always paid to the critical mid-range vocal/guitar/keyboard areas. This is where having a full-range monitor with crossover points set above and below the critical listening frequencies is truly revealing.
      Years of R&D, comparative listening & refinement went into the voicing of the AVANTONE ABBEY. The result is a very smooth sounding, full range upgrade from almost any two-way system.
      Listening tests reveal that the ABBEY's have a smooth midrange, accurate, transparent top end response with extended bass while providing a depth and clarity that any studio demands. The AVANTONE ABBEY provides the same level of dynamic performance and clarity at low levels used in daily production environments as well as high output levels for playback.

    • Avantone Pro Abbey 3-Way TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      SYSTEM TYPE: Active (Self-Powered) full-range stereo pair
      SYSTEM FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 35Hz-38,000Hz (Accessible musical range)
      MAX SPL: 106dB @ 1 meter (pink noise); 108dB at 1 meter @1%THD (1kHz)
      AMPLIFIER: Class HD
      High and Mid Frequency: each 100WRMS, THD+N=0.5%
      Low Frequency: 200WRMS, THD+N=0.5%
      AMP FREQ. RESPONSE: 22Hz-40KHz +1dB/- 3dB (50Hz-25KHz +/-0.25dB)
      NOISE: S/N -113 dB "A" Weighted; THD+N=<0.2%@100W into 4 ohms.
      COOLING: Heat Sink-Aluminum panel
      High Frequency: Proprietary design, 3640mm2 air motion transformer
      Mid Frequency: Proprietary Design 4 ohm 5.25" Cast Aluminum Frame / Paper Cone/Shielded, 25mm voice coil.
      Low Frequency: two custom designed 6.5" drivers with cast aluminum frame, 34mm voice coil
      CABINET: Bass reflex design /18mm MDF/ with polyester acoustical stuffing
      INPUTS: XLR & TRS +4dB Balanced and -10dB unbalanced
      SENSITIVITY: 0dBu (.775VRMS) input at maximum volume (+6dB) = 104dB SPL
      CABINET DIMENSIONS: 270Wx360Hx385D (10.6"x14.2"x15.2")
      CABINET WEIGHT: 16kg (35.2lb)
      WARRANTY: 5 Year Limited Warranty to original purchaser

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