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Avid HD Native PCIe Core with Pro Tools Ultimate Software

This AVID bundle gives you the AVID PCIe card & Pro Tools Ultimate software. This allows you to combine an AVID I/O interface OR other compatible third-party interfaces/converters that are DigiLink enabled. AVID options include the Avid HD I/O 16x16 Analog. Third party options could include the Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II 16x16 Pro Tools or the Lynx Aurora 16 + LT-HD Card Bundle. The AVID Native PCIe card with Pro Tools Ultimate Software also includes the Ultimate upgrade and support plan for 3 years.

Please note, this package does NOT include the AVID DigiLink cable required to connect your PCIe card to your selected interface. 

    • Avid HD Native PCIe card with Pro Tools Ultimate PRODUCT FEATURES:

      High performance goes native
      When it comes to creating music or sound for picture, high quality doesn’t have to come at a high price. Instead of dedicated DSP, HD Native harnesses the power of your Mac or PC, so you can take on large, complex sessions. Escape the latency lag of USB and FireWire interfaces. Get the advanced tools and near-sample-accurate lock to timecode you need to keep things in sync and turn around projects faster. And now with new lower pricing and flexible options, you can get the highest performance of any host-based audio workstation for less.

      Pro Tools | HD Native now comes as a lower priced core system with your choice of system interface and Pro Tools Ultimate software (audio interfaces sold separately). For dedicated studio use, the HD Native PCIe card easily installs into your existing tower, desktop computer, or chassis. If you want creative mobility, choose the HD Native Thunderbolt interface, which can be connected to a laptop or compact computer for on-the-go creation.
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