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BeyerDynamic M 201 TG Dynamic Microphone For All Instrumental Applications


The Beyerdynamic M 201 TG is a dynamic microphone, designed to be an all-purpose microphone for a range of different instrumental applications live and in the studio. For a dynamic mic, the M 201 MG has exceptional sensitivity from a distance. Another great feature on the M 201 TG, is its’ “hum-bucking” style moving coil design, that minimises electrical interference. Great for rigging close to stage lighting and video equipment.

    • BeyerDynamic M 201 TG Features:

      Another microphone from the "workhorse stable", the M 201 TG preserves its place in history through sheer performance and reliability and we are proud that it has come to feature here with the classics. A truly sensitive dynamic microphone with a range of applications spanning instruments to vocals, being particularly effective when the microphone has to be placed at a distance from the sound source. It incorporates a "hum-buck" coil that rejects mains borne interference introduced when using the microphone close to video monitors or other mains powered devices.

      Feature Summary:
      Universal microphone for instrument miking
      Integrated hum-buck coil
      Small dimensions for unobtrusive positioning
      Rugged construction
      Supplied with microphone clamp and storage bag
    • BeyerDynamic M 201 TG Specifications:

      Dimensions: 24 x 160 mm
      Net weight without packaging: 302 g
      Microphone Frequency Response: 40 - 18, 000Hz
      Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid  
      Transducer Type: Moving coil (dynamic)
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