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Beyerdynamic MC 910 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone (omni)

The Beyerdynamic MC 910 is a small diaphragm pencil condenser microphone, with an omnidirectional polar pattern. It features a handy -15dB attenuation pad, and bass roll off switch fixed at 250 Hz. The MC 910 has a slightly wider frequency response compared with the MC 930 cardioid model, extending down to 30Hz. The MC 910 is an excellent option for speech, stereo recording and has a subtle presence boost in the high frequencies, even from longer distances. A great microphone for live audio too, given its high SPL handling and 15dB pad.

    • Beyerdynamic MC 910 Features:

      This true condenser microphone provides an enormous versatility due to its neutral sound and accurate design. The features of the MC 910 include the wide frequency response of 30 - 20,000 Hz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 69 dB.

      The MC 910 is suitable as a main microphone for stereo and surround recordings as well as close miking of voice or individual instruments. Its subtle treble boost provides an open and natural sound even with larger distances. It also compensates for off axis high frequency attenuation of the omnidirectional capsule. Due to the switchable pre-attenuation of 15 dB it is suitable for use with very high sound pressure levels. The switchable low-cut filter with 6 dB/octave below 250 Hz provides a reproducible audio variant.

      With the WS 101 wind shield, the MC 910 can be used for speech and vocals. The MC 910 is phantom powered (11 - 52 V) and therefore suitable for live or studio applications.

      Feature Summary:
      Omnidirectional polar pattern
      Switchable pre-attenuation -15 dB
      Switchable bass roll-off filter with 6 dB/Octave at 250 Hz
      Slight treble boost on axis
    • Beyerdynamic MC 910 Specifications:

      Dimensions: 128 mm x 21 mm
      Net weight without packaging: 160 g
      Microphone Frequency Response: 30 - 20, 000Hz
      Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
      Transducer Type: True Condenser
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