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Beyerdynamic TG V71d Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Compensated Proximity Effect

The Beyerdynamic TG V71d is a dynamic hand-held vocal microphone, with a hypercardioid polar pattern. The TG V71d features a 2-stage treble resonator internally, that optimises the high-frequency response of the microphone. This along with the grille design, addresses the issue of proximity when the sound source becomes closer to a cardioid/hypercardioid capsule. This is the key difference between both the Beyerdynamic TG V70d and TG V70ds. The TG V71d does not have the option of an on/off switch. The TG V71d has been designed to accommodate singers on very loud sound stages, and optimised for the vocalists to be as close to the mic as possible.

    • Beyerdynamic TG V71d Features:

      Professional dynamic microphone (hypercardioid) for vocals, compensated proximity effect: 

      The dynamic vocal microphone TG V71d with a hypercardioid polar pattern was created for loud stages.
      Optimised for extremely close miking, it offers a perfectly resolved and powerful sound, which allows vocalists to stand out even on loud stages. As soon as it is plugged in and the high-pass filter is activated, it delivers a fascinatingly rounded and powerful sound – even without excessive tone control from the mixing console.
      Both the housing and the new, progressively damped capsule suspension are well-suited for the demands of the stage: handling noises are no problem with the TG V71d. Sound, ruggedness, design, rear-attenuation, hum-buck coil – a real professional on loud stages.

      Sound Channeling Technology:
      Special sound geometry behind the diaphragm with high-tech acoustic fabric
      2-stage treble resonator for optimal high-frequency reproduction for more powerful sound
      Special sound holes for a frequency-independent polar pattern
    • Beyerdynamic TG V71d Specifications:

      Net weight without packaging: 402 g
      Transducer type: Moving coil (dynamic)
      Polar pattern: Hypercardiod
      Frequency response: 35 - 18.000 Hz
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