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Blue Microphones


Blue Microphones Blueberry - Condenser Microphone

The Blueberry is a popular choice for contemporary pop and rap applications because of it's 'scooped' out bottom end. A great mic for vocals that demand a strong presence in a mix. The Blueberry imparts the commanding, intimate presence demanded from the world's best vocal microphones. With shimmering, detailed highs, neutral midrange, and minimized proximity effect (a bass boost inherent in all unidirectional mics), the Blueberry excels at delivering a vocal right to the front of the mix where it belongs.

    • Blue Microphones Blueberry PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The Blueberry is perfect for contemporary pop and rap applications because the bottom has been “scooped” out for big compression on slick vocal tracks and is ideally suited for deep limiting with your favorite plug-in or external compressor. Acoustic guitar, hand percussion, drums, and other critical high-end sources also shine in front of the Blueberry.

    • Blue Microphones Blueberry TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      • Wood box
      • S2 Shock