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Apogee Groove 30th Anniversary Edition Gold

Apogee Groove 30th Anniversary Edition Gold is a limited edition run of the recently released Groove - headphone Amp / DAC from Apogee. The new Gold edition features a custom gold finish made from polished aluminium, and boasts new performance enhancements too. Groove matches the impedance of your headphones with it current drive amplifier. Capable of playing back files up to 24 bit 192kHz, and drivers are available for both Mac and Windows. For the Silver edition of the Apogee Groove, please click here.

    • Apogee Groove 30th Anniversary Edition Gold Product Features:

      Meet Apogee Groove™
      Apogee Groove is the best portable USB DAC and headphone amp for listening to music on your Mac or PC. Groove takes the same high quality audio technology found in the world’s most prestigious recording studios and delivers it to your laptop. Connect Groove to your computer’s USB port and your headphones or powered speakers to Groove’s audio output. It’s that easy. Groove’s output provides ample power at any impedance and Apogee’s Constant Current Drive™ technology makes your headphones sound their best. You’ll be amazed by the difference in sound quality – the precise stereo image, punchy bass and stunningly clear high-hats.

      Recorded by Apogee. Played by Groove.
      For 30 years Apogee has been an innovator and industry leader in digital audio recording. From rock to classical, hip-hop to country, and reggae to jazz, the world’s most successful artists, producers and audio engineers rely on Apogee gear to capture GRAMMY winning recordings. Now, for the first time, Apogee Groove takes this same recording studio technology and makes it available in a simple take-anywhere device dedicated to delivering the ultimate listening experience.

      30th Anniversary Edition
      To commemorate Apogee’s 30 years of digital audio excellence, the Groove 30th Anniversary Edition features performance enhancements and a custom machined aluminum body available in silver and gold.
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