Dangerous Music

Product Code: DAN-Liaison

Dangerous Music Liason Signal-Routing Matrix

Contemporary studios must be flexible and agile, with the ability to adapt to any workflow effortlessly. The Dangerous Liaison realizes this dream by providing unprecedented access to your outboard equipment. Tracking, mixing and mastering services oftentimes must be performed under one roof, utilizing every piece of outboard gear available. Connect up to six of your favorite units to the Liaison (more if you daisy chain, leverage a patchbay or add a Dangerous Master).

    • Dangerous Music Liason Features:

      - 6 Stereo Insert Loops, Assignable to 2 Stereo Busses

      - Flexible and Potent Parallel Processing Loop

      - Route, Switch, Matrix, Flip & Audition Instantly

      The human ear has a remarkably short memory. Echoic memory studies have revealed up to 4 seconds of retention. Unfortunately these are based on vocal cues (random word sequences) vs. audio auditions. The latter have resulted in only up to 1000 milliseconds. That means no time for a patchbay or clumsy manual jack swaps. The Liaison provides true, instantaneous comparisons with no disconcerting pops and thuds.

      Instantly audition any device or combination, change the order, dial in some parallel processing and then store these customized signal paths as presets to use again, on demand, anytime.

      - Recall Any Tracking, Mixing, or Mastering Configuration

      - Seamlessly Integrates with Dangerous Master

      - Zero Audio Sacrifice

      - True hard-wire bypass relays remove the gear entirely from the signal path; this includes outboard that lacks an integrated bypass or true hard-wire bypass.

      Mastering grade components switch instantly and silently, providing true A/B comparisons without coloration or latency. Pre and post-processing monitor outputs make it simple to audition between the original source and the treated product.

      Skip the path of least resistance. Instead of patching in the “the usual,” audition new combinations of outboard, and discover the next tier of creativity.
    • Dangerous Music Liason Specifications:

      Frequency Response (Passive Section) +0, -0.1dB from 10Hz to 100kHz

      Frequency Response (Active Section) +0, -0.1dB from 10Hz to 100kHz

      Maximum level > +28dBu

      Noise floor < -94.5dBu 22Hz-22kHz bandwidth

      THD+N < 0.002%

      IMD < 0.003%

      Crosstalk rejection (Passive Section) > 124dB

      Crosstalk rejection (Active Section) > 113dB

      Input Impedance: 20K Ohms

      Output Impedance: 20 Ohms
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