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Dangerous Music


Dangerous Music Master Summing Mixer

Integrating the Power of Analog Processing in the Modern Mastering Environment. For years the top mastering engineers and the hottest mastering facilities have been using custom-designed tools that were not available to the rest of us. Until now. We have distilled the essence of those tools to create the Dangerous Master. The Dangerous Master will provide you with the insert loops, sum & difference processing, level offset, and stereo image width control that will turn your high-quality outboard equalizers and compressors into a truly professional mastering rig.

    • Dangerous Music Master Features:

      • Designed by mastering engineers
      • Superb audio quality
      • Includes sum & difference processing
      • Integrates with the Dangerous Monitor
      • Hand built with top-of-the-line components
      • Stepped controls throughout
      • Incredibly clean and quiet

      Built by the very same Chris Muth who designed the mastering equipment for many of New York's top mastering engineers and studios, the Dangerous Master forms the centerpiece of a fantastic mastering system. It will tie together your choice equalizers, compressors and de-essors by providing accurate level control, easy monitoring facility, matrix processing and stereo image control, all in a compact 2 RU package.

      The integrated Input Monitor Offset allows you to focus on the sound of your master without being fooled by the pre- and post-process level differences.

      The S&M matrix is an analog sum and difference processor affording unprecedented control of stereo signals. Mastering engineers will enjoy the fact that S&M allows them to save seemingly unsalvageable tracks by altering vocal levels without touching the mix, by fixing overly wide or narrow stereo fields, or by de-essing aggressive cymbal hits while leaving the center lead untouched.

      Dangerous Master, combined with the Dangerous Monitor and your favorite processing gear, will provide you with what you need to turn any mix into a professional master.

      As with all Dangerous Music equipment, the Dangerous Master is designed by engineers, for engineers, and built by hand using the highest quality components.
    • Dangerous Music Master Specifications:

      All connections are Balanced XLR, +4dBu nominal operating level

      2 stereo inputs

      3 stereo outputs (one for monitoring)

      3 insert loops

      2nd insert capable of MS matrix operation

      Input and Output controls

      + - 5dB in 0.5dB steps

      Input Monitor Offset

      -2 to +8dB in 0.5dB steps

      Width control

      -4 to +6dB in 0.5dB steps

      Attenuator accuracy

      0.02dB (0.01dB typical)

      THD+Noise in audio band


      IMD 60Hz + 4kHz 4:1


      Crosstalk rejection

      Better than 95dB @ 1kHz


      > +27dBu, +23dBu in the matrix under worst case conditions

      Frequency response

      Better than 0.2dB down @ 1Hz and 100kHz

      Noise floor

      < -89dBu total energy in the audio band