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Dave Smith Instruments DSM01 Curtis Filter Module

The DSM01 is Dave Smith’s first-ever offering for modular synthesizer users - the Curtis Filter is fully analog and is the very heart and soul of the Dave Smith sound. Featured in everything from Dave’s vintage Sequential synths to his recent cutting-edge instruments such as the Prophet 12, the Curtis tone is brash, saturated, and powerful.

    • Dave Smith DSM01 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Plug It and Play It
      The DSM01 is a compact, 8 HP Eurorack-format module. Plug it into your modular system and that classic Curtis sonic signature is instantly within a patch chord’s reach. The filter is a resonant low-pass design that can be switched between -12 dB and -24 dB operation and driven into self-oscillation in -24 dB mode. A Boost switch lets you overdrive the input stage for more aggressive coloration.

      Integrated VCA
      In addition to its Curtis filter, the DSM01 provides its own responsive, low-noise VCA with LED CV indicator. There are two separate outputs—one pre-amplifier and the other post-amplifier. This not only gives you added signal routing flexibility, but also frees your system’s existing VCAs for other tasks.

      Give Your Modular System the Edge
      If you’re a typical modular user, you’re always on the lookout for new and interesting components to enhance your system. The DSM01 is an easy and affordable way to give your system a new sonic edge—with the filter that’s brought some of the world’s most in-demand synths their classic tone and vibe.



      • 1 CV In – Frequency (3.5 mm jack) Range: 0 to 10V
      • 1 CV In – Resonance (3.5 mm jack) Range: 0 to 10V
      • 1 CV In – VCA (3.5 mm jack) Range: 0 to 10 V
      • 1 Audio In (3.5 mm jack) +/-5V or 10V p-p
      • 1 VCF Out – pre-VCA (3.5 mm jack)
      • 1 VCA Out – post-VCA (3.5 mm jack)
      • Self oscillation in -24 dB/octave mode, tracks at 1V/octave


      • Internal power connector (ribbon cable included)
      • Current draw: +12V @ 36mA, -12V @ 25mA

      Physical Specs

      • 1.59″ W x 5.06″ H (40.3 mm x 128.5 mm)
      • Width: 8 HP
      • Depth (measured from back of panel with power cable installed): 1.06″ (27 mm)


      • Mounting screws
      • Ribbon cable for power connection
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