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dbx 570 Vari-Z Mic Preamp - 500 Series

Please contact me with information about availability and pricing for dbx 570 Vari-Z Mic Preamp - 500 Series

The dbx 570 is a microphone preamp designed for the 500 series format. It features variable impedance settings that offer a large range of tonal variations. The 570 Vari-Z Mic Preamp has been designed for recording applications. The 570 mic-pre also features high and low pass filters too.

Please Note: The dbx 570 requires a compatible 500 format rack-unit to operate.
Sold Separately.

    • dbx 570 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The dbx 570 is a high quality variable impedance microphone preamplifier in a 500 series format module.
      The 570 offers a wide range of tonal color and can bring fresh sonic possibilities and new life to any microphone.
      The 570 Vari-Z is a powerful tool that will expand your microphone’s tonal scope and provide incredible audio excellence.


      Preamp with up to 68 dB of Gain
      Fully variable impedance control from 150 Ω–3 KΩ
      +48V Phantom power for condenser microphones
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