Product Code: DG-XDD

Digitech X-Series DIGIDELAY Digital Delay Guitar Pedal

The X-Series range of pedals from Digitech cover a wide span of effects from tone shaping to modulation. The Digidelay offers great value for such great sounding effects.

The DigiDelay is a unique delay pedal, combining several features that  have never been available in a standard stompbox. The DigiDelay offers  4-seconds of delay, four different delay types including ping-pong, tape, reverse, modulated, and a loop function. 


      The Loop function records  loops up to 4 seconds in length that you can add overdubs to. The  DigiDelay also features Tap Tempo delay and switchable CIT™ cabinet  modeling. This owner's manual will guide you through all of these  features. But feel free to experiment as you read through it.With up to 4 seconds of delay, which is more than most studio processors, your creativeness will have no limits! The DigiDelay pedal gives you 7 different types of delay to choose from which include tape, modulated, reverse, and a looper that will allow for an infinite amount of 4 second layers.

      Don't settle for sub-par craftsmanship or limited options in a pedal. Go for quality and go with DigiTech. This rugged metal chassis will stand the test of time and offers further options like dual mono and stereo outputs as well as switchable cabinet modeling.

      - Up to 4 seconds of delay
      - 7 different delay types plus Tap Temp
      - Stereo outputs with switchable CIT™ Cabinet Modeling 

      Power Supply - 9V Alkaline Dry Battery
      Power Consumption - 4.8Watts (w/optional PS200R power supply)
      Battery Life - Approximately 4 hours (with continuous usage)
      Dimensions - 4 15/16"(L) x 3 1/8"(W) x 2 1/8"(H)
      Unit Weight - 1.38 lbs.

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