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Digitech RP360 XP Multi Effects Guitar Pedal

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The RP360 XP is the latest in the RP multi effects range of pedals from Digitech. Solidly built, quality FX and great value. Comes with the expression pedal.

The DigiTech® RP360XP guitar multi-effect processor is a complete 360° guitar effects solution. It includes over 160 different effects (54 amps, 26 cabinets, 82 stompboxes) inspired by world's best-selling pedals and iconic amps.


      The LCD interface makes it easy to explore and discover the perfect tone to get that desired effect. Along with the incredible selection of effects, the RP360XP has an expression pedal, 40-second looper, nearly 200 presets, USB port, configurable footswitch modes, built-in tuner; dedicated headphone jack, Sound Check™ and 60 built in drum tracks.

      The RP360XP is versatile with 3 different footswitch modes. Incorporate the RP360XP into your existing pedalboard using stompbox mode where you can assign any effect in your preset to each footswitch. If you choose to use the RP360XP by itself, easily navigate through your presets in preset mode or bank mode. Extend your control of the RP360XP with a 3-button footswitch. The 3-button footswitch can be set-up to extend the control of the onboard looper or navigate through your banks and presets.

      The RP360XP includes a new feature exclusive to DigiTech called Sound Check. Sound Check allows you to quickly record a phrase with your guitar and set it to repeat while you dial in the perfect effects and settings. Sound Check saves you from having to continually bend over to make minor adjustments while dialing in your tone. With Sound Check you'll spend less time tweaking and more time playing with the perfect tones.

      - Over 160 Amps, Cabinets, and Effects
      - 54 Amp/Acoustic types
      - 26 cabinets
      - 82 effects
      - 198 presets (99 factory, 99 user)
      - Expression pedal
      - Power supply included
      - 40-second looper
      - 60 High quality drum patterns
      - Durable metal chassis and footswitches 

      A/D/A Converter 24-bit high performance audio
      Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz
      A/D/A AudioDNA2™ DSP Processor
      Simultaneous Effects 10
      Preset Memory 99 User Presets/99 Factory Presets
      Phrase Looper 40 seconds of record time

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