Dynaudio BM9S MKII Powered Subwoofer

This 10 inch Sub is a perfect match for any 5 inch studio monitors. It's smallish cabinet belies it's power. Perfect for a small to mid sized room. The BM9S MKII is designed according to the strict BM series specifications. With a 10" woofer and 200 Watts of power, and virtually minute dimensions, this sub is tailor-made to take care of even the most comprehensive challenges where space is scarce. Being every bit as versatile as the rest of the BM series, BM9S MKII is a very competent partner for smaller stereo and multichannel setups, giving a very powerful system for even the most demanding users across the globe. 


      The Auto On/Off function, provides a minimized idle energy usage by shutting off after minutes of no input signal. The auto sensing circuit enables BM9S to automatically come to life when input signal is detected. 

      The satellite filters that this sub sports, provides high-pass filtering of the monitor source signal allowing 60Hz or 80Hz corner frequencies. 

      This is a huge advantage for the monitor performance, as the satellites do not need to deal with power consuming lower frequencies. This leaves all the satellite power to greatly accelerate performance and precision.



      • 10" woofer, pure aluminum voice coil
      • Phase adjustment in 0° / 180°
      • Auto on/off, power LED
      • Mode selection, LFE or slave
      • Adjustment of low-pass corner frequencies (50-150Hz)
      • SAT/SUB high-pass adjustment, Flat, 60 Hz, 80 Hz
      • Small dimensions: 11.6" X 11.4" X 12.5"
      • 200 W @ 4 Ohms
      • Discrete LFE input, slave output for linking
      • Closed cabinet for extremely precise low frequency reproduction
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