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Dynaudio LYD 8 Studio Monitors (SINGLE) - Black


The Dynaudio LYD 8 Studio Monitors are near field 2-way active loud speakers, designed for mixing and critical listening. The LYD series from Dynaudio, are still made in Denmark, and they are a move beyond their infamous and successful BM series. The LYD 8 features an 8 inch bass driver powered by a state-of-the-art class D amp system, that offers 50 Watts and 80 Watts to the high and low frequencies respectively. Key features of the LYD series include different turnings to accommodate the speakers location relative to the back wall.

    • Dynaudio LYD 8 Features:

      Nearfield Monitor with 8" Woofer
      Bi-amped speaker design with 50W HF/80W LF and state-of-the-art Class-D amplification
      Bass extension to extend or curtail the low end frequency response
      Two different tunings: one for free standing and one designed for speakers within 50 cm of wall
      Sound balance to influence the overall response of the speaker
      Made in Denmark
    • Dynaudio LYD 8 Specifications:

      Frequency Response: 45 Hz - 21 kHz
      Max SPL (1m, pair): 112 dB
      Principle: Bass reflex
      Crossover Frequencies: 3900 Hz
      Tweeter: 28mm Soft dome
      Woofer: 8''
      Amplifier: HF 50W/LF 80W Class-D
      I/O Connectors: XLR Balanced: RCA Unbalanced
      Dimensions: 234 x 369 x 328 mm
      Weight: 12,8 kg
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