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EastWest ComposerCloud X - Yearly Subscription

EastWest ComposerCloud is the largest, most-awarded virtual instrument collection on the planet. Get access to over 40000 instruments from EastWest for a affordable annual subscription fee.  Lock in the lowest price with a ComposerCloud X annual membership featuring EastWest's award-winning virtual instrument collections, plus get an additional mic position (usually the close mic) for those collections that have multiple mic positions to provide better control of the placement of your instruments in your mix.

Once a year, we'll collect the payment selected at the time of purchase. As soon as you've successfully completed the sign-up process and your payment is confirmed, your membership will begin and you'll have instant access to over 40,000 virtual instruments.


Under this plan there is no cancellation possible during the one year term. 

No returns on software are accepted!

  • ComposerCloud from EastWest is the world's #1 virtual instrument subscription service
  • Over 40,000 award-winning instruments including 3 million samples, phrases, and FX
  • 64 full products plus all new releases, nothing more to buy ever (click here for product list)
  • New Instrument Search allows you to find any instrument from all products in seconds
  • Instruments for every music style: orchestral, keyboards, rock/pop, vocals, ethnic, urban, edm
  • Compose with confidence, no shady instruments/loops from unknown sources, all license free
  • No streaming from the cloud required, download the instruments to your own computer
  • Keep the instruments in your compositions forever, even if you leave (requires bouncing)
  • Use the same virtual instruments top professional composers use for a low monthly price
  • Products powered by EastWest Mac/Win PLAY 6 software which is included in your plan
  • Use with Ableton Live, Bitwig, Cubase, Dorico, Finale, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic, Notion, 
    Performer, Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, Sibelius, Sonar, Studio One, VE Pro, other AU, VST hosts

Includes all Products

  • Instant access to the entire EastWest ComposerCloud Gold collection of 40,000+ virtual instruments and counting.
  • Automatic access to all future ComposerCloud Gold products, including exclusive content.
  • A professional collection worth $15,000 (USD) now available for a fraction of the price.