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Elektron Analog Four MKII Desktop Analogue Synthesizer

The Electron Analog Four is now in its’ second edition. The MKII features completely re-worked circuitry for an even more enhanced, defined and rich bass. Newly designed OLED with brighter colours for playing live, along with improved back-lit buttons too. Other key developments include added user buttons for fast workflow, a stereo output per voice and CV & expression inputs for more hands-on control. The MKII Analog Four maintains a completely analogue signal-path with four synth voices.

    • Elektron Analog Four MKII PRODUCT FEATURES:

      What’s new?
      Reworked analog circuitry delivering very deep and defined bass
      Enhanced analog overdrive for more bite and growl
      Crisp, large OLED screen providing optimal feedback in dimly lit environments
      Ultra durable back-lit buttons. Rated for 50 million presses
      Precise, hi-res encoders
      Quick performance controls
      Increased amount of dedicated buttons enabling quicker workflow
      Stereo audio outputs for each voice
      Expression/CV inputs for external control of Analog Four MKII parameters
      Overbridge with higher bandwidth
      Premium cast aluminium enclosure

      4 synth voices, each with:
      Fully analog signal path
      2 × analog oscillator
      2 × sub-oscillator
      1 × noise generator
      1 × 4-pole analog lowpass ladder filter
      1 × 2-pole analog multi-mode filter
      1 × analog overdrive circuit
      2 × assignable LFO
      1 × amp envelope
      2 × assignable envelope
      Up to 4 notes of polyphony
      Up to 4 part multitimbrality
      Up to 4 note unison playback
      Chorus, Delay and Reverb send FX
      Quick Performance controls
      Live friendly Elektron sequencer
      CV/Gate sequencing

      Overbridge enabled
      Overbridge is a software suite from Elektron, offering powerful tools when using Analog Four MKII together with computers. It comes in two variants: Basic and Premium.

      1 × ¼″ headphones output
      2 × ¼″ impedance balanced main output
      4 × ¼″ separate stereo voice output
      4 × ¼” CV/Gate output
      2 × ¼″ unbalanced external input
      2 × ¼″ expression/CV input
      1 × USB 2.0 High Speed port
      MIDI IN/OUT/THRU ports with DIN Sync Out
      Ultra crisp 128 × 64 OLED screen
      Precise hi-res encoders
      Durable back-lit buttons
      W385 × D225 × H82 mm (15.2 × 8.85 × 3.3″) including power switch, knobs and rubber feet
      Weight approx. 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)
      Fully compatible with Analog Four MKI projects/data
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