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Eventide Reverb 2016 Stereo Reverb Processor

The Eventide Reverb 2016 is a stereo reverb effects unit with analog, digital and MIDI connections designed for studio and live applications. The Reverb 2016 is a tribute to Eventides’ iconic reverb algorithms form products past and present. There are complete and detailed duplicates of all user parameters for some presets. There are also newer reverb programs, that take advantage of the Reverb 2016’s new age processing power. More complex early reflections, and more refined control offer many parameters in general.

    • Eventide Reverb 2016 Features:

      Stereo Room, Room Reverb and High Density Plate

      Store up to 99 user presets.
      High performance 24 bit DSP, 24 bit analog audio I/O, digital I/O and MIDI interface.
      The Reverb 2016 UI is extremely easy-to-use featuring dedicated controls for each of the effect's parameters.
      The controls and display are intuitive. The UI is optimized for the studio and for live performance.
    • Eventide Reverb 2016 Specifications:

      Digital Input: Digital S/PDIF Input
      Sample Rate: 44.1kHz - 48kHz (downsampled to 40kHz)
      Connector: Coaxial, RCA type
      Digital Input is selected via front panel switch.

      Digital Output: Digital S/PDIF output
      Sample Rate: 44.1kHz or 48kHz with ext clock
      Connector: Coaxial, RCA type
      Digital output is always active at 44.1 kHz when not using digital input

      Analog Input: 1/4” T/R/S phone jacks (2), XLR 3-wire balanced (2)
      Analog Output: 1/4" T/R/S phone jacks (2), XLR 3-wire balanced (2)

      Dimensions: Width 19”, Depth 6”, Height 1.75"
      Weight: 9.5 pounds
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