Focal CMS 50 Professional Studio Monitor Speakers PAIR

The Focal CMS 50 Professional Studio Monitor Speakers produce a sound that belies their size due to a great cabinet design - you have to hear them! The Focal CMS series is a new line from Focal's professional division that tries to bring Focal quality to a broader audience. Swapping the very expensive beryllium tweeter for one which follows the same design principles but is made with an alloy of aluminum and magnesium brings down the response in the supersonic range, but these sound almost every bit as good as their more prestigious cousins, and are more appropriate for many applications.


    The design of the CMS 50 permits a listening position from 50cm away, while still keeping the possibility of the monitors at a great distance from one another without damaging the soundstage. The 5” mid-woofer reaches down to 55Hz, while offering a controlled bass and a totally linear midrange. The midrange register of the CMS 50 has unequalled neutrality in its price range. The Al-Mg inverted dome tweeter offers outstanding dynamics and a degree of definition in the treble that allow precise measurement of reverb and other effects which are normally very difficult to assess.

    Frequency response (+/-3dB) : 55Hz - 28kHz
    Maximum SPL : 107dB SPL (peak @ 1m)

    Input :
    Balanced 20 kOhms / Unbalanced 47 kOhms
    Connector XLR / RCA
    HF amplifier stage : 50W RMS, class AB
    LF amplifier stage : 80W RMS, class AB

    Electric supply :
    Mains voltage: 220 - 230V (1.6A fuse rating)
    120V (3.15A fuse rating)
    100V (4A fuse rating)
    IEC inlet and detachable power cord

    Adjustment :
    - Adjustable sensitivity, +4dBu / 0 / -10dBV
    - Adjustable volume, -66dB / 0dB
    - Adjustable high-pass filter, idle / 45 / 60 / 90Hz (12dB/oct.)
    - Adjustable LF Shelving, 0 / -4 / -2 / +2dB
    - Adjustable HF Shelving, 0 / -4 / -2 / +2dB
    - Parametric filter (160Hz), adjustable, 0 / -2 / -4 / -6dB
    - Power ON/OFF switch, mains voltage selector
    - STANDBY/ON switch

    Indicators :
    Power ON / OFF LED
    Standby / ON LED
    Audio Clip LED
    Woofer : 5" Focal drive unit, Polyglass cone
    Tweeter : Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome Focal tweeter
    Shielding : Integral by cancellation magnet
    Construction : Reinforced and damped Aluminum cabinet

    Finish :
    Black powder cabinet
    Dimensions with spikes : 289.5 x 190 x 201mm (11.4" x 7.5" x 7.9")
    Dimensions with table stand : 299.5 x 190 x 201mm (11.8" x 7.5" x 7.9")
    Net weight : 7.7kg - (17lb)
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