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Focusrite ISA 430 MkII Single Channel Mic-Pre EQ and Compressor

The Focusrite ISA 430 MkII is a boutique single channel, channel strip featuring a full dynamics section and EQ. The ISA 430 MkII has a blank slot on the rear of the unit, that fits an optional A/D converter card. The MkII has been designed to better suit today's microphones and recording equipment, compared with the original Mk I model. Like all ISA gear from Focusrite, It still features the Lundahl LL1538 input transformer.  

    • Focusrite ISA 430 MkII PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The Most Versatile Channel Strip
      The ISA 430 MkII features Focusrite's ultimate heritage sonic signature including transformer-based mic pre, versatile EQ with two dual-range parametrics, compressor with both transparent VCA and vintage optical circuitry, expander/gate, phase-cancellation de-esser and optional 192kHz/24-bit 2-channel AD conversion.

      Full Control Over Dynamics
      The mic pre suits almost all mics including vintage and 'difficult' models such as ribbons. Variable impedance can be set for transparency or to highlight special features of the mic, such as presence bumps and rolloffs. Switchable additional inductance adds "air" without EQ.

      Four Units in One, Independently Accessible
      Use the mic pre, EQ, Dynamics and A-D converter independently, or route them to build powerful simultaneous processors. Re-order different sections to create multiple alternative signal paths.

      Powerful Processing Options
      Insert HPF, LPF and EQ into the Dynamics sections for frequency-sensitive processing - Listen function lets you audition the side-chain to fine-tune the effect.

      Control Over Dynamics
      Expander/gate features "hysteresis" setting to avoid chattering on difficult signals. De-esser is based on phase cancellation at the chosen frequency, for more natural sound.

      Lundahl LL1538 Input transformer
      The original mic transformers used in the original Red modules help to provide the unique sound and performance of this groundbreaking design.

      Backlit VU Meter with Variable Calibration
      ISA 430MkII has a moving coil VU meter with variable calibration to suit analogue and digital recording media, alongside two six-LED peak meters; inputs can be metered either pre- or post-insert.


      Gain Range +10dB to +40dB continuously variable
      Input Impedance >1M Ohm


      Gain Range 0 to +60dB in 10dB steps
      Input Impedance Variable as follows: 600 Ohm, 1k4 Ohm, 2k4 Ohm, 6k8 Ohm
      EIN -128dB with 150 Ohm terminating impedance at 60dB of gain
      Noise -97dBu
      THD 0.001% with -20dBu 1kHz input and 20Hz-22kHz bandpass filter

      Compressor (VCA mode)

      Threshold Range -28dB to +12dB
      Ratio 1.5:1 to 10:1
      Slope Soft knee
      Attack 100µs to 100ms
      Release 100ms to 7s, variable or auto (program dependent)

      Compressor (Vintage Opto mode)

      Threshold Range -28dB to +12dB
      Slope Soft knee in Comp mode, Hard knee in Lim mode
      Attack Fixed
      Release Fixed


      Low Pass Filter 18dB/oct from 400Hz to 22kHz
      Parametric Section Comprised of low-mid & Hi-mid parametric, each with continuously variable boost/cut with centre detent, frequency sweep control with two ranges, and fully variable Q. Low-mid frequencies 40Hz to 400Hz (120Hz to 1k2Hz when x3 is pressed). Hi-mid frequencies 600Hz to 6kHz (1k8Hz to 18kHz when x3 is pressed
      Shelving section Comprised of: high frequency shelf, with frequency range steps of 1.5kHz, 3.3kHz, 6.8kHz and 15kHz (2.2kHz, 4.7kHz, 10kHz and 18kHz when Hi Range is engaged), and low frequency shelf, with frequency range steps of 20Hz, 56Hz, 160Hz and 460Hz (33Hz, 95Hz, 270Hz and 655Hz when Hi Range switch is engaged)


      Threshold Range -40dB to +10dB
      Gate Range 0 to -80dB
      Attack switched fast or slow
      Release 100ms to 5s
      Hold 20ms to 4s
      Expander Ratio 0 to 5:1


      Threshold Range 22dB
      Frequency Range 2k2 to 9k2
      Ratio at centre frequency 2:1


      Threshold Range 20dB
      Ratio Infinite (Brick Wall)
      Attack Frequency Dependent


      7.58kg 16.7lbs


      484mm (W) x 85mm (H) x 250mm (D) 19" (W) x 3.5" (H) x 9.8" (D)
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