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Genelec 8030 C Studio Monitor (PAIR)

The Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor was introduced in 2017 and is the latest revision of the hugely popular studio standard 8030 model.  The 8030C now delivers 4 dB higher SPL and has a lower energy consumption than the earlier models.  With its aesthetically beautiful rounded edges and outstanding sonic performance, every element of the Genelec 8030C is designed with utmost attention to details and consideration for the end user!

    • Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Features:

      Broad low-frequencies and high SPLs are delivered with a flow-optimised internal curved reflex tube and a maximised internal volume. And when you’re finished, Genelec Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) circuitry detects when your system is no longer in use, placing it into an environmentally friendly, power-saving standby mode.

      From professional studios to outside broadcast vehicles, the 8030C has been crafted to combine extraordinary power with absolute precision.

      Key Features:

      Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) Technology

      Reflex Port Design

      Room Response Compensation

      Optimized Amplifiers

      Active Crossovers

      Protection Circuitry

      Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) Technology

      Iso-Pod™ Stand

      Versatile Mountings
    • Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Specifications:

      Lower cut-off frequency, –6 dB: < 47 Hz
      Upper cut-off frequency, –6 dB: > 25 kHz
      Accuracy of frequency response:
      54 Hz – 20 kHz (± 2.0 dB)
      Maximum short term sine wave acoustic output on axis
      in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz:
      @ 1 m > 104 dB SPL
      Maximum long term RMS acoustic output in same
      conditions with IEC weighted noise (limited by driver unit
      protection circuit): @ 1 m > 96 dB SPL
      Maximum peak acoustic output per pair @ 1 m distance
      with music material: > 110 dB
      Self generated noise level in free field @ 1 m on axis:
      < 5 dB (A-weighted)
      Harmonic distortion at 85 dB SPL @ 1 m on axis:
      Freq: 50…100 Hz < 2 %
      >100 Hz < 0.5 %
      Drivers: Bass 130 mm (5 in) cone
      Treble 19 mm (3/4 in) metal dome
      Weight: 5.0 kg (11 lb)
      Dimensions: Height 299 mm (1113/16 in)
      (including Iso-Pod™ table stand)
      Height 285 mm (111/4 in)
      (without Iso-Pod™ table stand)
      Width 189 mm (77/16 in)
      Depth 178 mm (7 in)
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