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8330APM Pack

Genelec 8330A SAM Monitors With GLM 3.0 Software Bundle

Industry leaders Genelec have a dedicated software program, GLM 2.0, that will further enhance these amazing reference speakers. The 8330A are part of the SAM range. This bundle includes the GLM 2.0 software, reference microphone and monitor controller. An indispensable tool in challenging room acoustic, the 8330A is the monitoring solution for music studios, post-production houses, digital edit suites, radio, TV and outside broadcasting.


      Genelec 8330A SAM Monitors

      The 8330A features Genelec MDE™ and DCW™ technologies, a flow optimized reflex port, high SPL and wide uncoloured response in a very compact enclosure. A new and highly intuitive Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™ 2.0) control network and software allows adjustments of all aspects of monitor settings and full system control. Genelec AutoCal™ allows to automatically align every monitor on the network for level, timing, and equalisation of room response anomalies.


      Genelec Loudspeaker Manager GLM™ 2.0

      The GLM™ 2.0 Genelec Loudspeaker Manager is a highly intuitive and powerful monitor control networking system that manages connectivity to all SAM studio monitors and subwoofers on the network – up to 30.
      The GLM 2.0 software is available for Windows and Mac and features adjustment of levels, distance delays and flexible room response compensation equalization with the state-of-the-art and robust AutoCal™ automated calibration system. All parameters and settings are stored in system setup files or saved in each individual monitor or subwoofer if the GLM network needs to be disconnected.

      GLM 2.0 features and benefits:

      Connectivity with up to 30 SAM™ monitors and subwoofers covering all types of multichannel or 3D immersive audio applications.

      Simple, intuitive, but yet features-rich monitor system calibration user interface allowing fast setting up procedure.

      Adapt your SAM monitors to various environments with Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™ 2.0) allowing reduced perceived differences between listening environments or positions.

      Excellent in-room calibration results with state-of-the-art AutoCal™ providing neutral sound reproduction via flat system frequency response.

      Automatic calibration of levels and distance-compensating delays for accurate and stable sound stage imaging.

      Ability to store calibration settings for different listening positions to be re-called instantly during the production stage.

      Allows repeatable and consistent performance, enabling accurate monitoring in any production environments.

      Symmetrical or individualized stereo pair equalization compensation to be used depending on the acoustic environment.

      Subwoofer crossover phase is set for all subwoofers on the network to achieve smooth frequency response transition around the crossover point.

      Each monitor Group has its own AutoCal calibration file, allowing to use different Groups for various customized response curves.

      Groups contained in one GLM system setup file can feature both analogue and digital input use and an unlimited number of system setup files can be created.

      Volume control functions via GLM software master fader or via external wired or wireless volume controllers covering all possible applications.

      On-screen, real-time SPL reading of the active monitor Group allows to monitor carefully the production SPL.

      GLM AutoCal™

      GLM AutoCal provides the industry’s first integrated process for complete automated measurement, analysis, and adjustment of every monitor on the GLM control network.

      GLM AutoCal provides the industry’s first integrated process for complete automated measurement, analysis, and adjustment of every monitor on the GLM control network.

      It uses a factory-calibrated Genelec 8300A acoustic measurement microphone (included)

      AutoCal aligns relative levels and compensates distance differences, and adjusts correct crossover phase for all subwoofers on the network.

      The Acoustic Response Editor provides accurate graphical display of the measured response, filter compensation and the resulting system response for each monitor, with full manual control of acoustic settings

      SinglePoint™ and MultiPoint™ microphone positions provide measurements for one, two or three person mixing environments (ex: recording/mixing engineer, musician and producer positions), optimizing the listening conditions over an area.

      For further information regarding the Genelec GLM 2.0 software, please click here.


      Genelec 8330A SAM™ Active Studio Reference Monitors

      Peek SPL:
      104 dB
      Frequency Response:
      45 Hz – 23 kHz (-6 dB)
      Accuracy of Frequency Response:
      ± 1.5 dB (58 Hz - 20 kHz)
      Driver Dimensions:
      Woofer 5 in + Tweeter 3/4 in metal dome + DCW™
      Amplifier Power:
      Woofer 50 W + Tweeter 50 W
      H 299 x W 189 x D 178 mm, 11 7/8 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/16 in, with Iso-Pod™
      5.5 kg / 12.1 lb
      1 x XLR analogue input, 2 x XLR AES/EBU input / output, 2 x RJ45 control network


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