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Hamilton KB7700K System X and DJ Coffin Keyboard Stand

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The KB7700K is a heavy duty keyboard stand by Hamilton. Its unique design allows the height of the keyboard to be adjusted without changing the width of the supporting arms or feet. This means that your keyboard will be supported equally when mounted at greater heights, or lower to the ground.


    • Hamilton KB7700K Product Features:

      The System X KB7700K Keyboard Stand offers the portability and simplicity of the time tested 'X' braced keyboard stand without the limited usefulness inherent in 'X' stands at the limits of their height ranges. Traditional 'X' braced stands get too wide to accept smaller keyboards at low (seated) position settings and too narrow and unstable at the taller (standing) positions. The System X Keyboard Stand maintains the same stable arm and leg width under the keyboard throughout its entire height range.

      An attractive center column houses large and reliable adjustment knobs for the attached arms and legs. Unfolding the stand and setting the height is fast and easy. Once set up, the performer will find there's plenty of unencumbered space for legs, feet and pedals. The stand has a unique and striking appearance without being a focal point - distracting the interaction between the performer, band mates and the audience.

      The System X Keyboard stand will fold up compact and flat for easy transport. In fact, this stand will fold smaller than a traditional double - 'X' keyboard stand. Adjustable feet and arm bumpers will compensate for stage imperfections - providing the user a level playing surface.
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