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Konig & Meyer

KM 26740

Konig & Meyer 26740 Heavy Duty Monitor Stand (Single)


The Konig & Meyer 26740 heavy duty monitor stand is designed for large studio speakers - supporting up to 35kg in weight. The 26740 stand has a large cast-iron base (450mm diameter), and is height adjustable from 950 - 1430mm. The K&M 26740 monitor stand allows you to fix your monitors to the table-top with the included screws. This feature is available to speakers with 4 x 3/8in threaded joints on the base of the speaker box - Please check out the K&M product page via the link below for more information. 

    • Konig & Meyer 26740 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Stable steel stand for monitors with broad completely level round cast-iron base-diameter 450 mm. Rod combination height adjustable using clamping screw and safety splint. For the direct attachment of monitors with 3/8" threaded joint (thread length 12 mm) or to screw in a connector plate 205 x 245 mm for Genelec monitor 1030 or monitors by other manufacturers. Includes 4 thread points and 4 rubber knobs.

    • Konig & Meyer 26740 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Bearing plate:
      245 x 205 mm
      Base diameter:
      from 950 to 1,430 mm
      Height adjustment:
      locking screw and safety pin
      Leg construction:
      round cast-iron base
      Max. load capacity:
      35 kg
      Product Category:
      Rod combination:
      2-piece folding design
      Special features:
      direct attachment of monitors with 3/8" threaded joint (thread length 12 mm) possible; support plate with 4 thread points and 4 rubber knobs; for stationary use
      10.16 kg

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