Korg ARP Odyssey FS REV3 [Black/ Orange] Duophonic Synthesiser w/ FREE Korg SQ1


For a limited time, Korg are offering a FREE SQ1 with their iconic ARP Odyssey Full Size Duophonic 37-note keyboard synthesiser! 


      Assembled in America, and available to the world once again.
      The long-awaited full-size ARP ODYSSEY is now available in a limited edition.

      The revival of the ARP Odyssey originated from a desire to reconstruct a legendary synthesizer of the 1970s, faithfully reproducing its original analog form while combining respect for history with an update for today's music production environment; it first took shape as the ARP ODYSSEY, completely analog but in a more compact 86%-sized unit.

      KORG's next move is an even more faithful recreation of the original ARP Odyssey: it's the full-sized ARP ODYSSEY FS. With a standard keyboard and a body that emanates a sense of solidity, it delivers great playability and a persuasive stage presence. Just like its original version, the instrument is assembled in the United States, faithfully carrying on the quality, sound, and spirit of the original. Choose from three designs: Rev1, Rev2, or Rev3. Only a small number of each is being produced. Don't miss your chance to obtain a full-sized ARP ODYSSEY – an instrument with decades of soul.

      True analog sound generated by a complete replication of the original ARP Odyssey's circuitry

      The ARP Odyssey is known best for its sharp and biting tone, and the rich possibilities of modulation that allow an incredible variety of sounds. The ARP ODYSSEY FS is equipped with the very same circuitry as the ARP ODYSSEY, which itself is a perfect replica of the original unit, developed under the supervision of the ARP Instruments company's co-founder David Friend.

      Keyboard: 37-note (Standard key or Full size key, No velocity sensitivity, No aftertouch) Maximum Polyphony: 2 voices for duophonic; normally monophonic
      Transpose Positions: 2 octaves down, normal, 2 octave up
      Proportional Pitch Control: b (Pitch down) Pad: about -2 / 3 octave - (Modulation) Pad # (Pitch-up) Pad: about +2 / 3 octave
      Power Supply: AC adapter (DC 12V) + power cable
      Power Consumption: 7.1W
      Dimensions: (W x D x H) 585 x 466 x 163 mm / 23.03” x 18.35” x 6.42”
      Weight: 7.3 kg / 16.09 lbs.
      Design Variations: White (ARP ODYSSEY FS Rev1), Black and Gold (ARP ODYSSEY FS Rev2), Black and Orange (ARP ODYSSEY FS Rev3)
      Included Items: AC adapter (DC 12V), power cable, phone cable, mini-phone cable
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