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Korg MS-Cable-18 Eurorack Patch Cables for MS-20 mini

The Korg MS-Cable-18 Patch Cables for the Korg MS-20 mini, is a packet of 18 cables in two lengths; 12 x 250mm and 6 x 750mm. This kit of cables is the key to unlocking the true potential of the Korg MS-20 mini. Create complex and unique CV routing, and make some extraordinary patches and sounds of your own! 

    • Korg MS-Cable-18 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The patch cable set contains 18 cables in six different colors, (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple). This allows users to more easily track cable I/O when creating heavily-patched sounds. The cables come in two lengths; twelve are 250 mm/9.8 inch. The remaining six cables are longer, at 750 mm/29.5 inch, which can be used to connect other MS-20 minis or other external gear. Expand the potential of your MS-20 mini!


      12 x 250mm (9.8’)

      6 x 750mm (29.5’)

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