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Miktek PMD4 4-Piece Dynamic Drum Mic Kit

The Miktek PMD4 4-Piece Dynamic Drum Mic Kit features two of Miktek classic microphones - the PM10 and PM11. There are three PM10’s - ideal for snare and toms, and one PM11. The PM11 has been optimised for kick drums and other low frequency sources such as bass amps. Both the PM10 and PM11 have super-cardioid polar patterns, with excellent off axis rejection. All necessary mic clip attachments are included, along with a rock solid aluminium case.


      The Miktek PMD4 drum mic kit brings the sound of two great microphones together for drummers, on the stage and in the studio. Featuring three PM10 snare/tom mics, three LRM100 rim mount clips, along with the PM11 kick drum mic all packed in a sturdy road case, the PMD4 is a perfect foundation for miking any kit. The PM10 and PM11 are super cardioid, dynamic microphones featuring custom designed, neodymium capsule elements offering extremely clear and articulate sound reproduction. The capsules are then matched with a proprietary boutique transformer made in the US by AMI, and finally, the microphones are assembled and tested in Nashville TN USA. Simply put, we use better components to achieve a higher level of sound quality.

      The PM10 and PM11’s steel grilles and die cast bodies ensure durability and reliability night after night. Their ultra sleek, silver finish with stainless steel and black appointments make the PM10 and PM11 attractive complements to any drum kit. The Miktek PMD4 drum microphone kit will reproduce the sound of your bass drum faithfully, delivering a solid foundation to any live or studio performance.

      Neodymium Element
      Super Cardioid Pick Up Pattern
      Custom AMI Transformer
      Lever lock Rim Mount Clip

      Neodymium Element
      Super Cardioid Pick Up Pattern
      Custom AMI Transformer

      Dynamic Drum Microphone Set
      Incudes 1 PM11 Kick Drum mic and 3 PM10 Snare/Tom Mics
      Lever lock Rim Mount Tom Clips and Standard Mic Clips
      Packaged with in a rugged aluminum carrying case
      Three year warranty
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