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MOTU Traveler-mk3 Mobile Audio Interface with Effects & Mixing

The MOTU Traveler-mk3 is an extremely high-quality firewire audio interface for the studio, a digital mixer with software-based FX, and a mobile recording device. The Traveler-mk3 can be bus-powered via a 6-pin firewire cable and can also run on a battery pack for location recording. It is extremely compact too, fitting snuggly into a backpack being 14.75 x 9 x 1.75 inches. The MOTU Traveler-mk3 ships standard with CueMix FX and AudioDesk 4, and features MOTU’s trusted stable drivers for ultimate reliability. 

    • MOTU Traveler-mk3 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Sturdy lightweight construction
      ready to travel with you anywhere.

      Compact size (14.75 × 9 inches)
      fits easily into a napsack, briefcase or computer bag and sits perfectly under any laptop.

      Powered by computer*
      no additional power supply necessary for complete recording freedom.

      Optional battery power
      standard field battery pack (sold separately) can be used for extended remote recording sessions and stand-alone operation as a complete digital mixer.

      28 inputs / 30 outputs (at 44.1/48 kHz)
      There's no channel sharing in the Traveler-mk3. Mic inputs, TRS analog, AES/EBU, RCA S/PDIF and phones are all handled as separate channels.
      Four combo jacks provide hi-Z 1/4” guitar input or low-Z XLR mic input with transparent preamps, phantom power, pad and plenty of gain.
      Four 24-bit 192kHz analog inputs and eight analog outputs on balanced/unbalanced 1/4" TRS jacks.

      Clip protection
      Mic/guitar input limiter prevents digital clipping and distortion from overloaded signal levels up to +12 dB over zero.

      Individual 48V phantom power on each mic input
      mix and match microphones.

      Digital Precision Trim™
      adjust input gain in 1dB increments on all analog inputs (mic/guitar inputs + quarter-inch TRS inputs). Fine-tune the balance of your analog inputs. Save and recall multiple trim setups.

      High-resolution recording
      The Traveler-mk3 can operate all analog I/O at sample rates up to 192kHz.

      Comprehensive level metering
      Front panel LCD provides vertical meters for entire banks (8 channels at once) or horizontal long-throw metering for individual channels. Meter banks are quickly accessible via the dedicated METERS rotary encoder on the front panel.

      A 28 input by 16 bus digital mixer with effects
      Operating as either a computer interface or stand-alone, the Traveler-mk3 provides DSP-driven digital mixing with effects processing (reverb, EQ and compression) for all 28 inputs. You can connect all your gear and then mix, process and monitor everything from the Traveler-mk3’s main outs or headphone jacks.

      Includes AudioDesk 4
      A full-featured sample-accurate workstation software for the Mac and Windows with recording, editing, mixing, real-time 32-bit effects processing & sample-accurate sync.

      *Bus power requires a non-adapted 6-pin FireWire port


      Chassis Dimensions
      Excluding rack ears and front and back panel knobs and connectors: 14.75 × 9 × 1.75 inches (37.47 × 22.86 × 4.45 cm). Knobs and connectors extend up to 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) from front and back panels, adding 1 inch (2.54 cm) to depth. With rack ears attached, fits standard 19 inch (48.26 cm) rack at 1U high.

      Analog 24-bit 192-kHz on +4/-10 balanced/unbalanced TRS
      IN: 4
      OUT: 8
      Mic preamps 24-bit 192-kHz on XLR/TRS combo
      IN: 4
      OUT: N/A
      Headphone output*
      IN: N/A
      OUT: stereo
      ADAT optical (digital)†
      IN: 16
      OUT: 16
      S/PDIF 24-bit 96-kHz (digital)
      IN: stereo
      IN: stereo
      AES/EBU 24-bit 96-kHz (digital)
      IN: stereo
      OUT: stereo
      IN: 28
      OUT: 30

      * The phone jack can operate as an independent output pair, or it can mirror any other Traveler-mk3 output pair, such as the main outs (analog 1-2).

      † The two optical banks provide 16 channels of ADAT optical at 48 kHz, 8 channels of S/MUX optical I/O at 96 kHz or two banks of stereo TOSLink at rates up to 96 kHz. The banks operate independently, allowing you to mix and match any optical formats.


      For Mac OS X:
      PowerPC G4 CPU 500 MHz or faster (including PowerPC G5 CPUs and all Intel processor Macs)
      Mac OS X version 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5 or 10.4; v10.4.9 or later required

      For Windows:
      Pentium CPU (or equivalent) 1 GHz or faster; Pentium 3 or faster recommended
      Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, or XP, 32- or 64-bit; XP SP3 or later required

      For all systems:
      256 MB RAM; 512 MB or more recommended
      Available FireWire port
      Large hard disk drive (preferably at least 100 GB)

      ** Please note, system requirements may change. For the most recent system requirements please visit the manufacturer's official product listing **

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