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Native Instruments



The Maschine Studio from Native Instruments is the newest addition to the Native Instruments Maschine family and has everything you need for fast, intuitive groove production! Machine Studio and Komplete 11 are the newest match made in heaven - giving you total control of Komplete instruments and effects directly on the hardware with ultra-fast preset selection and a visual plug-in strip.  Includes KOMPLETE SELECT– a premium selection of KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects. Bundle Native InstrumentsKOMPLETE 11 UPGRADE orKOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE UPGRADE below to take your Maschine creations even further!


      - Native support for the new 'NIS' NI sound format - browse and load the presets of all KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects directly from the hardware browser in MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO.

      - One instrument and unlimited effect plug-ins can be opened in each sound slot - 16 sound slots are available in each of MASCHINE 2.0's unlimited groups

      - MASCHINE automatically maps key instrument and effect parameters to its eight control knobs and shows them on two monochromatic displays.


      Improved Arranger View now displays pattern lengths in the Scene Arranger. Ghost patterns are automatically displayed so you see which patterns in each scene are repeating

      Cue Channel lets you audition sounds when browsing and sampling, and create and pre-listen to entire patterns before sending them to the master bus - an ultra-powerful feature when using MASCHINE live.

      New Feedback Compressor based on a vintage classic features ultra-fast attack and analog-like warmth. Perfect for capturing drum and percussion transients other compressors might miss.

      New Plate Reverb is a versatile reverb capable of sounds ranging from bright to dark with a light metallic quality. Great for snares and vocals and the perfect complement MASCHINE's Classic Reverb.

      Improved looping functionality lets you set loop ranges independent of scene loop ranges

      Auto-Follow Mode keeps the cursor on the exact point in the song playing - identify sounds and make adjustments quickly and easily without having to scroll through your track to find the current playback position.

      Time Display gives you accurate time measurement in minutes and seconds.
      Scene and Pattern Manager for intuitive scene swapping and changing.

      Improved Step Sequencer now with feedback on the displays and velocity triggering.
      Gate Function lets you adjust the length of repeated notes when using the note repeat function.

      Multiple Sound Editing lets you edit parameters across several sounds at once for increased efficiency.

      Multiple Group Editing lets you edit parameters across several groups at once.
      Macro Controls are now also available on sound and master levels, as well as groups.

      Choke Group and Pad Link now on one screen for ultimate convenience
      Enhanced Choke Group Functionality lets you choke sounds across groups and now even allows you to choke plug-in with a sound - incredible power and flexibility.

      Improved Undo Functionality now gives you the ability to undo and redo an entire take at once.

      Customizable Metronome lets you load your own metronome sounds

      Improved Sampler Mapping gives you enhanced overview of all parameters with a list of all samples for easy access

      Independent Macro Controls on selected groups.
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