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PreSonus Studio One 5 Pro to Pro Upgrade (from all versions)

Upgrade from Professional or Producer - all versions

  • NEW! Available standalone or as part of a PreSonus Sphere membership
  • NEW! Score View for traditional notation based on our award-winning Notion composition and notation software
  • NEW! Perform live with Studio One! Use your recorded assets to bring your studio sound to the live show; play virtual amps live; sequence and re-arrange your Setlist all from the new Show Page
  • NEW!  Capture your entire console state and recall the entire mixer scenes or selectively recall Volume, Pan, Mute, Inserts, Sends, and more on any or every channel
  • NEW! MPE/Poly Pressure support for advanced MIDI instruments
  • NEW! Keyswitch support, editing, and mapping for virtual instruments. 
  • NEW!Completely redesigned Native Effects plugin suite
  • NEW! MTC/MMC synchronization—sync Studio One with external clocks
  • NEW! Clip Gain Envelopes. The perfect tool for correcting sections of audio that are either too loud or too soft, without adding a compressor or limiter plug-in.
  • NEW!Melodyne Essential 5 integration
  • NEW!Timestretch mode: Tape-Resample: a natural-sounding “tape-style” temp
  • NEW! Marker Track Inspector. The Marker Track now features a marker list inside the Track Inspector that lets you navigate, rename, add, and delete markers in one convenient location.
  • NEW! Aux Channels. Dust off that TX81Z! Your classic MIDI synths can now be incorporated into your digital productions as easily as virtual instruments. 
  • NEW! Independent Listen Bus. A dedicated Listen Bus adds new flexibility to the Studio One 5 console. Use the Listen Bus to provide a control room feed, independent of the main output, with its own level control, AFL/PFL solo, and insert slots.
  • NEW! Recording and playback in 64-bit float WAV format.Studio One now supports recording in 64-bit floating-point WAV format. Max recording and processing precision now reaches 64-bit/384 kHz, making Studio One the highest resolution audio production and mastering software.