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Primacoustic Broadway Broadband Absorbers 24x48x1


These 24x48x1 Primacoustic Broadway Broadband Absorbers provide a cost-effective, hassle-free solution to turn any space into an acoustically controlled environment - an essential tool for professional mixing and mastering. Includes 6 x panels in the box. Installation is as easy as hanging a picture! Available in Beige, Black, or Grey. Choose your color and edge preference below:

    • Broadband Absorbers 24x48x1 FEATURES:

      Broadway Control Columns present an attractive, 'easy-to-install' solution for acoustic treatment where you want to control primary reflections, eliminate flutter echo and reduce standing waves.

      Made from high density 6lb per cubic foot high density glass wool, Control Columns are designed to be arranged in a ‘spaced array' to treat bothersome first order reflections that interact with the sound source and the listener. The panels are typically spread across a wall surface leaving space in between each panel. This allows some of the energy to reflect back into the room so as not to completely deaden the space while maximising the panel's absorptive efficiency.

      The Control Column's long narrow design is reminiscent of the historic 'Roman Pillar' making it an ideal compliment more demanding architectural designs. This makes the Control Columns an excellent choice for LEDE live-end / dead-end studio designs and home theatres. For those with creative flair, Control Columns can be combined with Primacoustic Accent panels to create an attractive solution for office spaces, board rooms, restaurants and lobbies that often need to be tamed in effort to reduce the reverberant field.

      Broadway Control Columns come in a choice of 1", 2" and 3" thick panels with choice of square or bevelled edge. Color options include black, grey or beige.

      Mounting Control Columns is easy and quickly accomplished using Primacoustic Surface Impalers. Most installations only require two impalers per panel. For areas with higher traffic, three or four impalers may be used. For extra security, add a dab of construction adhesive on the impalers, to secure the panel in place. This is recommended in class rooms or public places. 

    • Broadband Absorbers 24x48x1 SPECIFICATIONS:

      Core Material: Formed, semi rigid inorganic glass fibers
      Density: 6.0 lbs. per cubic foot (96 kg/m3)
      Fabric Facing: Acoustically transparent polyester tweed
      Encapsulation: Micromesh on front and rear surface, resin treated edges
      Absorption H2O: < 2% by weight @ 49°C, 95% relative humidity
      Temperature: -29°C - 66°C
      Fire Rating: Class-A (ASTM E 84 / CAN/UL-S102)
      Size: 24" x 48" (60.96 x 121.92 cm)
      Colour: Black, Beige or Grey
      Thickness: 1" (2.54cm)
      Edge Treatment: Beveled or Square
      Qty. in Box: 6
      Surface Coverage per Box: 48 sq-ft total (4.46 sq-meters)
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